20220710 - Under-Wilds trials

Notes for the 2022-07-10 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: July 10, 2022
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  • Max (Bryce) - rich, has a 100 pound warhammer and wields it one handed
  • Starsy - bookish with glasses
  • Azi - presumably an ex-con

Mugscab - in a nearby group, the group seems very confident in their ability here

Kabel listens closer to Mugscab. He says there’s a loophole in the event; the group is a lie. He has the scroll they need to make it to the other side.

A king’s guard, Chianthem, accosts the old man in the group and says he wants to send him back to jail, complaining that he’s a serial killer. Chianthem has been to the Under-Wilds and made it back.

Dijik announces the start of the competition and lets Chianthem say some words about the competition.

The competition consists of crossing the Ironic Pass. Only the first 5 groups with all active members that clear the other side will pass.

Mugscab and his group jump off, the whole group dies, but Mugscab teleports to the other side and is counted as cleared.

Max (Bryce) drops out of the competition.

We began crossing the wooden bridge, but other players have begun lancing fire bolts. Starsy falls to her death. Azzi saves Artair as he falls through a hole. Kabel mends the bridge to prevent any further damage.

Artair Umero begins glowing white, lifts Kabel with absolute ease, and run to the end of the bridge. Azzi runs faster and we finish the trial as the 5th group.

The lapels have turned yellow, and we entered the caravan to move to the next trial.

Azzi hints that Artair came back from the dead, and shares that he has some sort of gift of prophecy. Azzi also shares that he’s guilty of killing many people, but they deserved it.

Combat trials

We arrive at the next trial and there are more people here than those that cleared the last trial. If we lose in this trial but keep our pin, we can try again next time.

We’re in a combat trial, and we must pair with someone we don’t know to have a fight. Kabel chooses to pair with Mugscab in an effort to take him out of the competition, and to punish him for killing his team of presumably innocent people.

Kabel places Unseen Servant into the corner of the ring before the fight begins. Kabel drops his dagger in a feigned panic and is hit by Mugscab’s axe. Kabel disengages, runs to the other side of the fountain, and tosses Akashi as a feigned, panicked attack; it rolls past Mugscab.

The unseen servant carries the dagger to a different side of the fountain.

Kabel asks Akashi a question and when Akashi responds, Mugscab is shocked and turns his back to Kabel, dropping his axe. Kabel casts Catapult and drives the dagger into the back of Mugscab’s head, killing him. He collects Akashi and the dagger and takes a seat in the stands.

Artair begins his challenge, a two-lap race with a guy who’s taken a vow of silence. As the opponent begins running, Artair casts guidance on his arm, then throws an ice knife at his opponent’s leg. The opponent falls and bursts his head open, dying.

Kabel heard that the opponent was a priest who had taken a vow of silence to save his family, and was 2 years away from meeting to goal.

Azzi enters the ring to fight a king’s guard, who had been personally requested to stay for this fight. The guard swings his special blade and shatters the fountain with an air wave. Azzi moves quickly and appears behind the guard, then quickly kills him with a dagger.


One of the patrons wants the Ruinstone. Kabel suggests that we pass on that patron, but agrees to receive patronage from Montgomery Richfield, the richest man on Boel Island, who wants to find tomes of knowledge and glue and solvent to improve construction and infrastructure on the island. He promises to let Kabel read the tomes before returning them, and gives him 500 extra gold.

Artair accepts Maximillion’s request to seek the Ruinstone. He also seeks the Lifewell Tattoo needle.

Azzi swipes a bag of gold from a kings’ guard who criticizes Kabel and Azzi for being criminals.

Kabel decodes the next line of Kamek’s letter: Kamek’s Letter#^4789eb. Could this be related to the guard that Azzi fought?

We arrive at the radel and pass through. Artair seems rather uncomfortable, but Azzi reassures him.

The Under-Wilds

We land in grasslands in the Under-Wilds next to a solid black cylinder after passing through a complete darkness.

We are immediately frozen, and four figures in cloaks approach. They have red sigils on their cloaks. They ask Azzi if he’d kill the other two, and he denies, saying that they’re truly good people. The main speaker crushes an orb, his eyes glow, and he commands Azzi to kill them. Azzi pulls out a dagger, approaches Artair, then screams in pain, taking psychic damage for refusing the command. Azzi offers to join the figures if they spare Kabel and Artair, then is swallowed by darkness.

The speaker teleports away, but the other three remove their cloaks and Kabel and Artair are unfrozen. The three are goblins and pull out weapons.

Leveled up to level 4.