Find my longer-length articles here! They're usually about programming and software, but don't be surprised if you stumble upon something else. I condense some of these down into snippets.

Improving the DnD Constitution attribute

The Constitution attribute is mightily under-used; it's the only attribute without related skills! Can we make it better?

2 months ago

Making a state machine in TypeScript

Learn to code your own state machine in TypeScript to cleanly handle application state.

3 months ago

Finding the coordinates of an element in a 2D array

A method for finding the coordinates of an element in a 2-dimensional array.

10 months ago

Encoding QR codes in Braille characters

An experiment in transmitting QR codes visually over a text-only medium using Braille characters.

last year

A Study in Poisson - Naive Dart Throwing

Learn about the most basic algorithm for generating poisson disk distributions.

last year

Creating a CircleCI Orb

Create a CircleCI orb using the new orb development kit.

2 years ago

Switch Audio Outputs with a Hotkey

Create a shell script to switch audio output devices on Linux systems.

2 years ago

Adjust AWS Cron Events for Daylight Savings Time

Adjust AWS Cron Events using Lambda to minimize Daylight Savings Time's effects on your services.

2 years ago

Retrieve the timezone from a JavaScript date

Learn how to extract and display the timezone from a JavaScript date object.

3 months ago

Typeguards and Closures in TypeScript

Discover a tricky gotcha when using typeguards in TypeScript.

6 months ago

HTML Entities from the Twitter v2 API

Work with HTML entities from a 3rd party API.

last year

Cracking a Captcha with Tesseract.js

Using Tesseract.js and optical character recognition (OCR) to solve a captcha.

last year

The Difference Between apt and apt-get

A quick review of the difference between the two install tools for Debian.

2 years ago

Avoid Losing Errors in a Bash Pipe

Pass error codes through a bash pipe to when chaining commands.

2 years ago

Versions and Aliases in AWS Lambda

Create versions and aliases of Lambda functions in order to test your changes in different environments or stages without affection your live production code.

2 years ago

Error Handling in API Gateway with AWS Lambda and Node.js

Learn how to set up error codes in API Gateway when working with Lambda functions written in Node.js.

3 years ago