20220717 - Entrance to the Under-Wilds and Meeting the Punch Bunch

Notes for the 2022-07-17 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: July 17, 2022
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Kabel throws a gold coin at the middle goblin; as it lands in front of him, he asks him to switch sides. The goblin is confused for a bit, but says to his sons, the other two goblins, that they should just attack us. Kabel then catapults the coin into the goblin and hits him in the jaw.

The goblin throws the gold coin back at Kabel then hits him with the morningstar. Kabel defeats the main goblin, and negotiates the end of combat. The Goblin tells them about the Punch Bunch, a group who run parts of the Under-Wilds. The goblin, Brul, offers to guide the party the the Punch Bunch headquarters, and they accept.

They begin a week long journey through the grasslands. The goblin offers some supplies, such as a scroll and an obsidian gemstone.

Kabel makes attempts every day to decipher Kamek’s Letter, and tells Artair Umero. He is able to decipher the next piece of the letter: Kamek’s Letter#^05e4ea. He tells Artair his backstory.

They arrive at the Clan of Power HQ.

A human guard greets them at the door. Kabel gains favor with the guard Dmitri and gets them access to the pub inside, and they get free ale from Silvia, the barkeep.

Artair suddenly becomes very nervous, but won’t disclose why. A woman, Mina - Clan of Power approaches him and asks, “Trying to find your hunt, little druid?” She invites them to drink with her and the other caped members. She seems suspicious of Brul. One of the other caped members is Rascal - Clan of Power. Caped members are leaders of the clan. Tyrus is the third member of the clan at the table, with his brother Cyrus

There are some other clans, the Clan of Nature and Clan of Return.

Cyrus teaches Kabel to control Akashi’s volume.

Calvin takes the entire table of people through to a backroom to talk with Jo. The party is discovered to be non-members. Kabel and Artair explain what happened when they entered the Under-Wilds. An orb of geos, a scroll of dimension door, and a scroll of spare the dying are missing.

Vidae enters with Brul's dead sons, and accuses them of being the thieves. Kabel and Artair recognize him as the person who kidnapped Azi.