20220724 - Rule No. 1 - You Don't Talk About the Punch Bunch

Notes for the 2022-07-24 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: July 24, 2022
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Vidae kills Brol.

Jo proposes that we settle things the Clan of Power way, with a trial of combat.

Artair and Kabel fight against Vidae to prove their power. Artair takes a lot of damage, but transforms into a dire wolf and recovers his health.

Vidae uses radiant damage against Kabel and exposes himself as a paladin. However, when Kabel uses Sacred Flame, Vidae takes extra damage, which is noteworthy.

Artair casts Moonbeam, and knocks Vidae down.

Kabel remembers reading somewhere that radiant damage affects impure people more. Vidae turns into a red dragon, who is very wounded. He bursts the wall open with an attack and flies away.

Kabel tells the true story of what happened, and pulls out the scroll of [Spare the Dying], saying that they need to revive Brol and his kids. Calvin revives them and takes them to a room to sleep. Before they leave, Kabel offers them 10 gold in recompense for their troubles. Calvin says to Kabel, “Maybe what they say about you isn’t true.”

Jo gives us rank 4 in the Clan of Power.

Calvin whispers to Jo, “Don’t you want to tell him that he’s your dad?” Jo shakes her head no.

Calvin offers help for our quests. I tell him that I want to clear my name, and of my patron’s requests.

Calvin takes us into a library and tells us we have free use of it, and that their knowledge is their gift to me.

Mina tells Artair that he should head north for his quest.

Kabel repairs Akashi, and suddenly feels a sudden influx of knowledge, unlocking a new power, Survey.

Kabel and Artair investigate the things that Vidae left behind. There’s an emblem damaged by Akashi’s acid. Kabel recognizes that the emblem that was originally the Clan of Power fist has been worn down.

Kabel and Artair offer the greatsword and chainmail to Tyrus, but he relegates it to the Clan of Power armory. Calvin offers us 125 gold, and Kabel offers it all to Artair.

Kabel enters the library with Cyrus, looking for information regarding the King’s Guard’s weapons. Cyrus copies Kamek’s Letter and offers to help later.

Cyrus asks to see Kabel’s spellbook, and writes out the spell Pass without Trace. He then takes Kabel over to talk about Skytower with Rascal, Artair, Mina, and Calvin.

Artair asks Rascal to take them over to Skytower in the morning, and he agrees.

Kabel asks Calvin about the Clan of Power's motivations. The Clan of Nature wants to stay here in the Under-Wilds a little too much.

Level up to level 5.