20220803 - The Road to Skytower

Notes for the 2022-08-03 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: August 3, 2022
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Rascal says that all maps made by The Cartographer somehow work in the Under-Wilds.

We meet a lost cat and bring it to its owner, Sigfrued. He asks us to bring a magic box up north to Finflame to Janice, the girl he loves. The black magic box will let him know when Janice opens it. It contains a gilded flower.

Sigfreud says he can be found by the blacksmiths in Utopia, and that he can provide unlimited gilded flowers if he is wedded to Janice.

Utopia is said to be a perfect place.

Gnomes and the dwarves are always in a feud, but they are found much further to the east near the mines.

The party is attacked by two ettercaps. They defeat them, and Kabel extracts the venom from one of the ettercap corpses.

Another traveler, Rio, asks the party to deliver a blue magic box to his true love, Janice, which contains all his life savings.

Artair casts Plant Growth and being empowered by a full moon, creates a safe haven.

Kabel asks Akashi about the general opinion of The Cartographer's maps from all the inhabitants of the Under-Wilds, and he reports that people believe them to be impeccable. He then asks the same question, but for all the people who have made it back to Boel Island from the Under-Wilds. Akashi is unable to answer.The Under-Wilds Campaign - Quests and Questions#^e3c987

Kabel and Artair step into the dark column and are thrown out by a modified catapult spell.

Another traveler, Lanton, asks us to deliver a red magic box to Janice.

Another traveler, Dynos, asks us to deliver an orange box to Janice. It contains a love letter.

Artair confesses to the group that he came to the Under-Wilds to get revenge. Some drunk soldiers rampaged through his territory in his youth, beheading him in the process. He was able to reincarnate by the power of nature, becoming a revenant.

The group moves out of the grasslands and begins to see snow-capped mountains.

Each morning, Artair planted a flower at our rest site using his staff of flowers.

Another traveler, Nero, leaving Finflame asks us to deliver a green box to Janice.

The team approaches a tavern, The Last Hearth, in Finflame.