20220811 - Meeting Janice in Finflame

Notes for the 2022-08-11 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: August 11, 2022
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We talk to Janice and ask her about herself and the boys she met. She mentions that she doesn’t know where she’s from. She travels around looking for her mom.

Janice chooses the box from Dynos, who says that if he can’t have her, no one can. The box explodes with a poison trap. Some patrons offer potions of healing to everyone.

Janice leaves, and angrily tells the party that if they find her again, they can ask her more about her mom.

As we walk out of the bar, we see one of Artair’s targets. The man throws a dagger past us that sticks in the door.

We defeat the guard in combat, but he kills himself with his dagger instead of taking mercy. Kabel take his king’s guard armor, then buries him.

Upon inspection, Kabel confirms that the king’s guard armor is legitimate, but the insignia is old, that of King Boel I.

Artair notices a weird cave opening in the distance and wants to inspect it. Rascal leaves because Jo sends him a message that she found Vidae.

Artair and Kabel enter the cave, which closes behind them. They see six pillars with runes written in different languages above them. There’s a slit in the stone that says to enter the Dagger of the Voice.

Left Druidic (green) pillar says “We need not energy, but life itself.” Elvish (yellow) pillar says "We are as fast as the wind, as quick as _ " Dwarvish (red) pillar says “I forge weapons with this pure energy”

Right Halfling pillar (frosty white) says “Our thick bodies shield us from this energy” Goblin pillar (purple) says “Toxic energy to them, fun for us” Celestial pillar (pure white) says “Our energy glows upon the world”

Kabel casts sacred flame on the celestial pillar, and the rune begins glowing. Artair throws an ice knife to activate the halfling pillar. Artair hits the druidic pillar with plant growth. Kabel hits the elvish pillar with thunder step. Artair sprays the goblin pillar with poison. Kabel uses dragon breath to blow fire on the dwarvish pillar.

Kabel tries to have an unseen servant place the dagger into the slit, but it doesn’t enter. Then, Artair and Kabel insert the dagger, are inserted into darkness, and feel shadows around them.

Kabel hears the shadows speaking in various languages. It seems to be a council discussing Vidae and some events that are occurring. They learn that Azi is in the jails of Utopia. They mention recruiting him.

Voice 1: … that fool in the clan of power … was caught. Voice 2: …I heard he was defeated by some pawns… Voice 3: .Our other agents are still … … … Voice 1: Is the meadow a concern? Voice 4: It could be for us all. … … … Voice 5: Jormungander … still feasting well Voice 2: And the potential new recruit? Voice 1: Oh the rogue captured a while ago by that fool Vidae? … … Voice 1: He’s currently in the jails of utopia. Voice 3: We’ll recruit him soon enough, he’ll be a much better fit compared to Vidae. … … Voice 3: Wait, is there one too many of us?

Kabel realizes that the cave itself is a sort of communication hub.

They return to the tavern and open the boxes from the other jilted lovers.