20220814 - Meeting the Cartographer

Notes for the 2022-08-14 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: August 14, 2022
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The group heads downstairs to look for The Cartographer.

Kabel offers two gold to the bartender, Alester, to find out who The Cartographer is. He points to the group who offered us potions earlier after the poison attack occurred. The two guards are wearing orange capes with a yellow sigil of an outstretched hand. Diana and Mathias is part of the Clan of Return.

The Cartographer offers maps if Artair and Kabel can complete a quest.

Diana and Mathias invite Artair and Kabel to their next meeting.

The Cartographer is a creature born of the Under-Wilds.

Diana recommends the group get Sending Stones. Mathias found his at Hot Pot in the Northeast region of the Under-Wilds where the orcs hold their Olympics.

Kabel and Artair approach another group to try to garner more information. They play some bar games with Tony, Sebastian, and Sinclair. They say that Utopia is about 4 or 5 days travel if we sneak in, but 14 days if we go through the front gates.

The party tells them about the most interesting places they’ve seen in the Under-Wilds. Sebastian says he found an oasis in the desert. Tony likes going through the Realm of the Ancients to look at ruins. Sinclair says there’s a Bazaar near Hot Pot with a magic tattoo parlor. The group gifts Kabel a second-level spell orb.

Cyrus sends a message to Kabel and gives him a hint regarding the letter. He now has +3 on all rolls for the letter.

Kabel and Artair head out to follow The Cartographer. Alester packs us a ration pack for the trip. We walk 3 miles with Carter and find a cave opening that leads to the the frost-climb path and to the Clan of Return meeting point. If we meet him at the base of the Skytower, he’ll give us our maps.

The party finds two people surrounded by wolves. Artair kills the two adventurers, who turn out to be children. Kabel is upset with Artair for killing them, and buries the children. The wolves guide the party through the cave system.

The party can choose to take a short, hard path or a long, easier path. Artair starts following the short path, and Kabel follows.

A winged demon, an ice vrock, flies up and wants to steal our gold. We defeat it and it drops a golden key. Kabel takes the key and opens the chest. There are bones, rusted old weapons, cold cloaks which protect from cold weather damage, and 1500 gold worth of jewelry. There is a wand with a button on it. Kabel takes everything, scolds Artair for killing the kids, then continues on.