20220821 - The Ice Vrock Dungeon

Notes for the 2022-08-21 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: August 21, 2022
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The sun sets as the party kills the ice vrock. They decide to head back to the gravesite of the children and set up camp.

Kabel practices five-finger fillet, and Artair sleeps. Artair has a vision of all the people he has killed so far, and hears a voice saying that he’s doing well and must progress further. Kabel notices that the ring on Artair’s finger glows with darkness.

Kabel investigates the ring, the Ring of Myrkul in the morning and takes psychic damage. He hears a voice say: “Are you Artair’s friend? As his friend, maybe you should help him in his quest.”

They come upon a group of bodies surrounding a statue of an orc with an orb on its lap. The bodies seem burned, and some bones have been stolen by an ice vrock. Kabel sends Unseen Servant to go and grab the orb, but it isn’t able to budge the orb. The party takes the orb, taking some damage from a fire trap. Upon taking the orb, they hear a voice say “Thanks! Hopefully we can be friends now.”

Kabel and Artair stumble upon a gelatinous creature. It aborbs Artair as they’re fighting, but he escapes in dire wolf form and kills it.