20220828 - The Wicked Witch of the North

Notes for the 2022-08-28 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: August 28, 2022
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  • [x] Use Unseen Servant and glass vials to gather acid slime
  • [x] Gather mistletoe and spruce

Kabel uses Unseen Servant to collect the acid slime. Kabel and Artair climb up onto a ridge. They find some healing herbs and collect them. They then stumble into an area with 4 different colored ice blocks and ice tiles. A pillar with an hour glass rises in the middle.

The ice blocks speak and give this riddle:

P Our words guide you G but you must count on them precisely Y be careful O failure to listen means death Y but G if you understand how they help P then you know we are already telling you O the right path to walk Y walk fast enough and be safe O If you fail P You fight us G This is our challenge Y Repeat

By following the number of words and moving in the right direction, they make it to the column and click a button. The floor lowers, ice elementals appear and congratulate them on solving the puzzle. They assure us a safe rest here, as the area is defended by light.

Kabel asks the ice elementals if they can teach him a magic spell. They ask him to cast Melf’s Minute Meteors. They grab the meteors and turn them into snowballs. Kabel learns Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm.

The party inspects the magic orb and the metal rod. The metal rod is an immovable rod. The orb begins to speak and says its name is Gyrus. He’ll help us in battle if we summon him.

Kabel practices five-finger fillet, and Artair sneaks off to talk to Gaia, seeking forgiveness for killing the children. Kabel hears a high-pitched and low-pitched ringing noise, and is damaged again while investigating the ring. Gaia and Myrkul have some sort of agreement regarding Leon.

Kabel attempts to decode Kamek’s Letter again, but is unable to advance. The ice elementals have gone. They advance to a frozen river, which leads down as a slide towards the village. There is also an alternate path to climb down. They decide to slide down to make the quickest trip, and reach a large frozen lake. As they make their way around the side of the lake, they find and heal a wounded woman. They heal her, and she attacks.

She crumbles the ground beneath the party’s feet and they fall into frozen water. Kabel summons Gyrus to help out.