20220904 - The Village in Frostclimb

Notes for the 2022-09-04 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: September 4, 2022
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Guyrus killed one great beast in each region of Moyie. He invented democracy and law and order for the orcs, establishing a society that lasted until these days. He was trapped in this orb by a Dalkon warlock in a cave in this cold region. He’s from the hot region, where most orcs are from.

Cold, wood, hot, brown, water, prayer, sand, loser regions.

Guyrus recommends we look for a jewel on any dragon we fight to do extra damage.

Kabel picks up a greystaff from the fallen hag and feels a chill from the north-east direction, probably the location of her coven. He also finds a ring of free reaction.

Artair picks up a gem from the ground and it attaches to his ring, and Kabel and Artair are teleported to a foggy realm. They appear before Myrkul, who offers a way to resurrect the children. We can ask the parents to choose one to resurrect, or we can resurrect both at the cost of something of ourselves.

Kabel interrupts and shows Myrkul how to play five-finger fillet.

Artair volunteers to take the burden of resurrecting both children. Myrkul offers a potion to heal them both, then asks Kabel to bring the children out. He resurrects them both, and Artair’s life force decreases.

The are frightened by Artair, but Kabel calms them, and they return to the village. They need healing herbs for their mother, which Kabel offers from the herbs Artair has found.

Vecol is their village.

Carter suddenly appears and agrees to wait as they bring Cisar (7) and Telas (6) back to their parents, Raos and Loxam. Raos is angry with Artair, but Kabel calms him. Kabel offers the 14 healing herbs for Loxam, and they examine her as Artair casts Cure Wounds. Loxam is suffering from a paralysis venom from an arctic wolf. It could be cured by a lesser restoration spell. They spend the night and rest.

Kabel is able to decode more of Kamek’s Letter, learning that the king was the one who ordered the deaths and framing Kabel.

Artair heals Loxam, and Raos offers the group sending stones as thanks.

They go outside to talk to Carter, who offers the party their maps. He also adds his contact information to the sending stones.

Shadow boat is the only way into the shadow realms (purple region).

Kabel asks Carter about Moyie, and he refers them to his brother. The column of darkness has not been there forever.

Kabel and Artair go to the market to sell some of their goods and add contacts to their sending stones. Kabel asks about the greystaff, and the shopkeeper Dolo shows the part of the forest where the two remaining hags live. Cosal’s son, Ti’e, ran off into a cave. The party volunteers to bring him back.

They enter into the dark cave, with Kabel leaving a trail of bones (the ones from the vrock’s chest) as a breadcrumb trail. They stumble upon a large, hairy creature. A creature with 7 eyes appears and begins to attack.