20220911 - The Cave of Blind Echoes

Notes for the 2022-09-11 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: September 11, 2022
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  • [x] send a message to Jo about the dragon crystal weak point
    • Hey Jo, it’s Kabel. We got a tip about fighting Vidae. If you aim for his jewel, it will do more damage. Take care.

The party is attacked by bats, but the lead bat offers a trade of our safe escape for knowledge. He wants Akashi, but Artair offers his own knowledge. He loses medium armor proficiency. Kabel loses his Fey Ancestry. He is a mind drinker vampire.

Elin offers knowledge in exchange for the knowledge has was given. Kabel asks for the translation to the end of his letter, and the vampire does so in exchange for drinking some of Akashi’s knowledge. Kabel cedes, and the vampire rolls a nat20 and decodes the letter. The vampire shows Kabel the translation. Elin also shows Artair how to find more gems.

They leave the cave and are greeted by the giants, who take them to the tavern. Artair asks about the ruinstone, which was located in the Realm of the Ancients, and to speak to the Cryptkeeper.

Kabel finds a large group playing Five Finger Fillet, and a young girl is dominating. He challenges her and puts down 10 gold. Sarita and Kabel are tied, but Sarita beats him and gifts him a special dagger.

Rascal sends Artair a message and says he is heading to Vecol to climb Skytower. He also tells Calvin they will be back at the Clan of Power in 3 weeks. He then talks to Mina and promises that he will head out to help her too.

Kabel sends a message to Jo giving Guyrus’ tip about the dragon. She says she will come find them later for more information, and that Vidae ran away.

Kabel feels a magical resonance from the letter and the map. The colors of the runes begin to glow on the map. The sixth symbol glows and matches the glow of Skytower.

A rune from Kamek's letter

Tyrus and Cyrus appear. Kabel shows Guyrus to the brothers, and they’re very excited. Cyrus says that he can add more uses to the orb, and quite possibly free Guyrus.

Kabel examines Akashi and cannot tell what has changed about him, but can tell that he is acting strangely.

Artair invites Tyrus and Cyrus to assist in the hag fight in the morning. They agree. Kabel plays Five Finger Fillet against the both of them, and beats them both. Cyrus tells Kabel that he can enter the Olympics for Five Finger Fillet. Applications close in about a month and a half, and it takes about 2.5 weeks to arrive.

Cyrus recognized the Vedalkan that Guyrus was trapped by, and said that he and Tyrus have been looking for him and must kill him.