20220918 - Five Finger Fillet Training and Hag Hunting

Notes for the 2022-09-18 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: September 18, 2022
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Sarita wakes Kabel early to begin training and takes him to a snow mound in the Frostclimb range. She dusts off the snow and there’s a bowl floating in the air. Kabel puts Kamek’s Letter into the bowl, but it doesn’t do anything. Kabel then puts in the King’s guard armor, and 495 gold. He realizes that 1000 gold has gone missing, and assumes that Sarita took it. He places a couple of potions in as well and sees a shimmer appear, then walks through.

He sees an open cave in front of him, and it’s no longer snowing. Sarita walks through 50 minutes later and explains that there’s some sort of time dilation. and her father are horizonwalkers and have a knack for finding time abnormalities.

A sword swings through and hits Kabel as he walks further into the cave. He sees ten swords flying through the air with pouches beneath, and Sarita tells him that he needs to recover his own gold without triggering the swords.

Kabel goes to cast Pass Without Trace, but Sarita tells him that won’t fly. Guidance or Enhance Ability before the fight would work.

Kabel takes a pouch and a sword disappears. He continues training and takes hits throughout. Kabel takes a long rest after recuperating 2 pouches. Sarita hands him a book with some techniques that he needs to read for a month.

After a month of training, Kabel is able to recuperate 5 pouches and finally finishes studying the book. Sarita teaches him to clean up and improve daggers, which takes about a week to do.

After polishing his dagger, it changes from -4 to 0. Then, Sarita teaches him some smithing techniques to form the tip of the blade.

Sarita recommends taking the letter to scholars or historians in The Mines or in Utopia.

After about two and a half months, Kabel has been able to clean up the dagger. Sarita shows him her platinum and crystal dagger, then gives him the crystal from Vecol. She says that the only stronger metal he could find would be adamantium.

After three months, Kabel is able to retrieve his last pouch and becomes more proficient with dexterity. They return to Vecol for some better food, and Kabel grabs a new spellbook to make a copy.

Cyrus explains more about the vedalkan, and says that it requires a 9th level cast to free Guyrus. Kabel is able to use a spell slot to summon an orc with Guyrus’ spirit at a lower level. Full level Guyrus is a 9th level cast.

Kabel gets more information about Tyrus and Cyrus. Cyrus calms Tyrus with Calm Emotions, and Kabel learns the spell.

Kabel, Cyrus, and Tyrus decide to take out the hags themselves. Kabel tells Cyrus about the cave.

Kabel pulls out the greystaff and feels a guiding force that pulls them towards a clearing.

He goes to inspect the tree, and two greenhags attack. The tree is revealed to be an undead tree. After defeating them, an orb falls from the tree with Giant script written on it. It’s an orb to cast Ice Storm, and Kabel is able to copy the spell into his spellbook. Upon defeating them, the weather in the forest clears significantly.