20220921 - The Meadow of (no) Peace

Notes for the 2022-09-21 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: September 21, 2022
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  • [x] begin making a copy of the spell book

The party notices that the snow flakes that had been falling were completely identical, but now they’re falling as random fractals like normal.

Kabel and Artair spend some time talking to Cyrus about different bits of their quests. He lets the group know that gods cannot deceive you in their domain. The only exception is a god of lies, who must lie.

The black cylinder is suddenly surrounded by a white, wispy substance.

Artair pulls out the pendant from Skytower. The symbol disappears from Kamek’s letter, and the rune symbol moves into the center of the map. The rune must be related to the new white substance around cylinder.

Artair lets Kabel know that he saw three statues of Gods when he looked toward the Realm of the Ancients. He recognized Gaia and Myrkul, but didn’t recognize the 3rd statue.

Kabel works on copying his spellbook. He feels bad about not giving Akashi enough attention.

Cyrus teleports the party (with Sarita) to the Meadow of Peace, then leaves with Tyrus. Artair walks up to a group of people and tells them to leave, drawing the attention of the man who was sitting apart. The man walks up to Artair and transforms into Kabel. He then runs over in front of Kabel. Artair begins attacking him with a moonbeam. He defeats Artair while Kabel and Sarita hide in the forest, then Kabel kills him by catapulting Akashi. Kabel gathers Akashi and all of Artair’s things, but notices that the ring of Myrkul actually disappeared.

As he loots the body of the Tabaxi attacker, Mina crosses the bridge and approaches Kabel.