20220925 - The Tree of Life

Notes for the 2022-09-25 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: September 25, 2022
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  • [x] tell Artair and Mina about Valia hiding something
  • [x] give Artair the Myrkul crystal
  • [x] send Jo a message to check on her
    • Hey Jo, it’s Kabel. Spoke to Cyrus. Any news on the dragon? Hope you are recovering well and to see you soon.

Artair revives and Kabel gives him the Myrkul gem. Artair tries to resist the urge to put the gem in his ring, but is suffers some psychic damage. He places the gem in the ring and they’re teleported into Myrkul’s domain. Myrkul holds up a paralyzed Jay the journalist, who had snuck into the room with an invisibility cloak to spy on their chat. Myrkul demands that Artair decide what to do with them.

Myrkul agrees to release Jay, but throws Jay and Kabel out of his domain to talk to Artair. When Artair reappears, Kabel realizes that Artair has a new ring. He investigates it and can only tell that it works differently than the other ring, before he receives some psychic damage from Myrkul.

Kabel tells Mina, Artair, and Sarita that Valia was hiding something, and they agree to investigate more the following day. As Kabel and Sarita leave the room, Mina asks Artair if he’s thought more about her offer to accept a position as commander, but Artair is hesitant to accept the position since he feels that he may be gone soon.

Kabel beats Tad at Five Finger Fillet and wins 50 gold. Tad has an adamantine dagger, which gives him 1d20 to his FFF rolls.

Kabel sends a message to Jo, and she responds that she’ll let him know if their current lead pans out.

In the morning, Kabel leaves with the treasure hunter group to head to Peace. Along the way, he does a survey with Akashi asking what the worst part of living in Peace is, only from the inhabitants of Peace. There is no response, because there is no downside to living in Peace. After about an hour, they arrive to the staircase, don their clothes and masks, and continue the path forward. Kabel looks at the pendant from Skytower, and remembers a conversation with Kamek about ancient runes being used to unlock ancient powers. Kabel feels that once he fully understands this pendant, he’ll be able to call on that power in some way.

Meanwhile, Elio explains to Artair that there’s anti-teleportation magic surrounding Meadow and Peace.

The village of Peace

As they enter Peace, Tad mentions that something is unusual about the tree. As Kabel looks, he notices that there is something unusual about the tree. The leaves look weirdly placed, and Kabel realizes that the leaves are all false. He begins to say something to Tad, and Tad hushes him as the guards take notice. He and the group begin the trip back to the Meadow.

Artair talks with Nara, and asks if there’s been any disturbance in the force field around the Meadow and Peace. She says that the high priest mentioned that there was a threat, but he moved the protection to “that which matters most”.

Kabel and the treasure hunters get back, and the treasure hunters run back to their house as Kabel tells Mina about the tree. Hagen suddenly becomes an undead creature as he steps onto a small, second patch of dead grass.

Artair is able to quickly incapacitate him, but the patch where he falls suddenly becomes dead too. Mina and Valia cast Protection From Evil and Good on everyone else.