20221018 - Utopia Awaits

Notes for the 2022-10-18 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: October 18, 2022
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Vidae has taken control of the Clan of Power. He has spent the last week or so gathering supporters.

Artair works casting Plant Growth to heal the Meadow. Kabel and Valia head to Kara’s cabin to look for information. Kabel finds Kara’s writings from before she died 30 years prior. She was writing about methods for combatting a necromancer, who was presumably UW - Jarad. She theorizes about the very same resurrection dust that Kabel found. She presumes that if the resurrection dust is combined with a poison in a very particular way in a laboratory, it could create a method for killing and resurrecting an undead person.

Kabel finds an Eversmoking bottle in Elio’s house.

Kabel goes and talks to Tad and tells him that he has a potential lead on a cure for Hagen.

Tad gives Artair a tip. Wentworth runs Worth the Wait in Utopia. Say “Your wife is very beautiful, just as I expected.”, and Wentworth will give better prices on sales and purchases.

Kabel and Artair land next to a lake and notice a treasure chest at the bottom. Kabel swims down and retrieves the chest, and finds a ring. He decides to wait to wear it until he can investigate.

The black column now has a straight, green line that is pointing straight up the column.

They land at a campfire and find a group of 3 travelers. The travelers have Clan of Power cloaks. The travelers say that they are looking for work and don’t support the Clan of Power, but it seems suspicious. As Kabel challenges them to a game of Five Finger Fillet, they hear horse hooves approaching. Kabel stabs the archer through the hand and thunder steps away with Artair into the forest. 8 more riders appear and question the three members. They begin searching through the forest. Kabel exchanges a few taunts with the leader, and the group begins burning the forest to smoke them out.

Forest engagement with the Clan of Power