20221023 - Clan of Punks

Notes for the 2022-10-23 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: October 23, 2022
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Kabel turns Artair invisible. Artair casts Hold Person on Malik, and after a brief struggle, Kabel force feeds him a potion of superior charm.

Dimitri, the guard from the Clan of Power, tells Kabel that he is still loyal to Jo. They ride with Dimitri and Malik to a clearing. Dimitri cuts out Malik’s tongue and tells Kabel that he’ll frame him for letting them go.

The guard at the front gates of Utopia give them red pins and instructs them that they must wear them at all times. The guard tells them to stay at the Care Boon Inn behind the three main inns run by Jimmys.

Charming anyone in Utopia is illegal.

As they’re walking, Artair sees Dynos, the boy who set the trap in the chest for Janice. They follow him for a bit, but he gets grabbed by guards. Artair decides to convince the guards to free him, and takes Dynos to his home. Dynos tells Artair to stay away from the pavilion.

Suddenly, bombs explode. Dynos runs out on the roof and jumps to the ground. Artair tackles him as Kabel casts grease. The guards appear and control the explosion. Kabel calls them over and they capture Dynos and carry him off to prison. Kabel trips them up and he admits to trying to poison Janice.

  • Apothecary - Polly’s Potent Potions (this is where you saw Dynos walk out of)
  • Smith - Sigfried and Son’s Smith shop (Sigfried was the guy you met with the flower)
  • clothing store - Heads or Tailor Jeweler -
  • Worth The Weight, Wentworth (you have been here)
  • farmers - farmers market
  • 3 taverns - Jimmy Lemmik, Jimmy Nallof, Jimmy Nedroc, care boon inn is secret inn that you have to get a recommendation from someone in the know, and you did!
  • Magic shop - Aurora Enchantments
  • Warrior’s Cove - place for fighters to gather and test their might
  • The Moyie Ball - a theater
  • Assembly of Intellect - a place for higher learning
  • Office of the Guard
  • Communication Station
  • Lower Level apartments
  • Chapel

Wentworth from Worth the Wait wants us to steal a Sigil of Selection. The High Priest passed away, and the Selection requires candidates to channel their power through a sigil. Takes place 2 days at 8m. Kabel and Artair would need to enter stealthily. Wentworth will pay 200 platinum to the first person to provide a sigil.

Dmitri sends Kabel a sending to let him know that he escaped.

At the center of the pavilion in Utopia, there’s a statue. Artair recognizes it as King Boel I. Kabel recognizes it as King Boel IV.

Kabel and Artair split up to visit some shops around town before calling it a day. Kabel first heads to the Assembly of Intellect. He casts Comprehend Languages to understand the writing on the door and learns that he must offer knowledge to gain entry. He tries casting prestidigitation and drawing the Moyie runes, but nothing happens. He knocks and receives no answer. Finally, he grabs the door handle and feels a presence asking him to share information. He shares his firsthand information about the Meadow of Peace and Jarad and gains entry.

An apparition named Jeeves appears and offers to retrieve books or information for Kabel. Kabel tries to find information about the history of Utopia, and learns that Boel appeared here and set up this society hundreds of years ago. This is puzzling, as the radels appeared in Boel much after.

Kabel also learns more about the Selection process.

There are various other guests in the assembly, but many of them are pretentious. Kabel comes up with a plan to find a true scholar like himself, and creates a code with arcana-based clues. He presents it to the room and asks if anyone would like to try to solve it.

The table of particularly pretentious individuals immediately comes up, and after spending 20 minutes bickering, they call Kabel out and say it’s a dumb puzzle that he’s clearly made wrong and it doesnt have a real solution. “Besides puzzles are for children anyway”.

Other people had also gathered around and kind of shrugged and walked away, but the berating is causing people who were trying to solve the puzzle to be disheartened.

There was a person Kabel noticed when he walked in; he was very well dressed but very quiet. When Kabel announced the puzzle, this guy did not even look up from his book.

He now speaks up and interrupts to say: “Sirs. Might I suggest that if a puzzle cannot be solved by you, we should bring it to those with even higher capacity before berating the puzzle itself?” One of the guys: “Yes, of course.” Reading guy: “Well then, I shall be happy to bring this out to a newborn child, for at least their minds are malleable enough to not be so stubborn as yours.”

He then sends Kabel a message with the right answer to the puzzle, smirks at the pretentious guests, and then goes back to reading. The people causing a commotion just bicker a bit before going back to their table to have a “real intellectual discussion.” The man who solved the code walks up to Kabel, extends his hand, and says “Hewitt. A lovely code you made.”

Hewitt offers to meet Kabel at the inn later to swap stories and discuss anything else.

Before Kabel leaves, he asks Jeeves if he can borrow a book on magic theory. Jeeves returns and hands Kabel a book on psionics: “The Mind Beyond the Mind: A Study of Psi Awakening”. He explains that guests can check out 1 book for a fee of 100 gold. He can check out this book but can’t check out another until you burn this one. It’s just a copy, and the originals stay here.

Kabel then goes to the Moyie Ball and buys a ticket for a VIP seat for 1 gold. He thoroughly enjoys the show, but as he looks across the theater, he sees Nero, the boy who tried to charm Janice with a potion. He also sees two people speaking about doing something to High Priest Feal in order to take his place.

Kabel sends a message to Nero and convinces him to meet the following day at noon in the Pavilion in front of the statue of Boel if he wants a second chance with Janice. He told him to wear a purple tie. Kabel then writes a note with Illusory Script and has his Unseen Servant carry it over and drop it in the balcony of the suspicious men. It reads:

“I know about Feal, so let’s make a deal. In front of Boel will stand your goal. My purple tie will catch your eye. Tomorrow at noon, I’ll see you soon.”

Kabel hopes to use Nero as bait to find out who this person is.

He sees the figure read the note, then say:

“We need to take care of this.” “It’s a magic message, of course you can’t read it. Although even if it were in common, you’d struggle, you imbecile.” “No, you know what? I’ll deal with it myself.” “Because I want to face the idiot that challenges me.” “Nothing stands in my way.”

Kabel leaves the theater and heads to the ticketmaster. He buys two tickets to the special showing that weekend for 100 gold, and also signs up for a “spell”-ing bee, a spell-casting competition, for 50 gold. He signs Artair up as well. He pays the ticketmaster an extra 10 gold and asks for details about the competition. It was originally judged by Cyrus, but this year a new judge will be hosting it.

Kabel has entered into the beginner division, which allows for up to 3rd level spells. The winner will get to learn a special spell from a grand wizard.