20221030 - Things are not as they appear

Notes for the 2022-10-30 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: October 30, 2022
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Today - Office of the Guard, Hewitt Tomorrow - Nero and unknown at Pavillion, Warrior’s Cove in the evening 2 - selection 3 - spelling bee 4 - KDA concert 5 - KDA tour

Kabel and Artair regroup and decide to head to the Office of the Guard. The guard captain casts Zone of Truth and asks about why Artair was trying to protect Dynos. They tell the truth and are able to clear things up with him.

Riley steps out of the room, and Kabel decides to look at his desk. Kabel finds a file on the captain’s desk labelled Aswame Donovan. Kabel also finds a schedule of guards. Riley will be a guard there two days from now. 6 days from now, Simon will be a guard there.

The guards found information about a dangerous shipment that arrived at Warehouse 47. If we take a look at it tonight, we can get a reward for it, but otherwise the guards will check it out in the morning. Kabel notices that Riley writes next to Artair’s name “might be a problem child” because Artair got pushy when asking about the reward.

If you squeeze the lapel 5 times, guards get an alert, so it’s a useful way to get help.

Kabel pays 100 gold for two rooms at the inn that will be theirs for a week, and thanks Cornwallis the Concierge.

Kabel immediately heads over to the Five Finger Fillet table. They have a slight variation to the rules: everyone puts their dagger in the middle of the table, and each player must make an attempt to grab their dagger back.

Kabel barely beats two of the best players, and one of the players who had been silent introduces himself as Dagwood. He used to craft daggers, and hands Kabel a business card. He recommends that Kabel gets his hands on mithril or adamantium to make a better dagger. Most people think that mithril is useless for a dagger, but he has an idea for a special dagger.

In the meantime, Artair communicates with Akashi and tries to glean more information from him regarding his identity. Akashi expresses anger with Kabel for ignoring him and asks Artair to do better.

Hewitt arrives and introduces himself to Artair. Kabel tells him about some things that occurred at the Meadow of Peace and their goal of finding a science lab. He confirms that there is a rumor about a science lab in the criminal district, but isn’t sure if it’s there or not. He’s a descendant of members of the architects guild from Utopia and is trying to restore the lost knowledge.

As they are having their conversation, they notice that there’s someone in the corner of the pub eyeing them. Kabel messages him and beckons him to approach the table. He comes and sits down, introduces himself as Maron, and says that he has something serious to discuss.

They go up to Kabel’s room. Maron takes all their lapels and puts them in a jar. His wife, Annie, was taken away because she was an inventor and was doing research. He said that she was taken away a few weeks ago after inventing something particularly interesting, but he doesn’t know what it was. He was going to kill himself tonight, but he heard us talking about the prison and the prison district.

They decide to meet the following night at the same time, and Hewitt and Maron leave.

Kabel and Artair approach the warehouse district and speak to two guards at the gate, introducing themselves and explaining while they’re there, then head on in. They approach warehhouse 47, and Artair notices that something is off about this warehouse.

As the enter the warehouse, they find a note that says, “We think something here is a mimic.”

Artair says “Could this warehouse be a mimic itself?” and the warehouse immediately attacks them. Kabel escapes the warehouse with Thunderstep and dodges the mimics tongue a couple of times, but is pulled back inside when approaching for an attack. Artair destroys the mimic with Moonbeam, and the building collapses, leaving behind all the contents.