20221120 - Making Amends

Notes for the 2022-11-20 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: November 20, 2022
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Kabel buys a sand of regenerate from Aurora’s Enchantments to restore Malik’s tongue, but he’ll have to have Artair cast it.

Kabel approaches Malik and tells him that he wants to fight man to man and make up for what happened to him. He gives Shivus to Malik to show that he’s serious about this deal. He and Malik both give 100 gold as a bet to the Warrior’s Cove and set up a duel for the following day at noon.

Bryce has an amulet that lets him understand and speak any language. Bryce and Chainpam were sent to the Under-Wilds as a punishment from Boel, but they are not sure why they’re being punished. They arrived right after Necronight.

Matthias - Clan of Return has an invite to get a sigil. He also explains that there’s a power imbalance between the Clan of Return and the Clan of Power now that Vidae is in charge.

Roy from the chapel cathes up to them and offers Artair a nomination for the Selection.

Kabel and Artair meet with Kilo in the tavern. Kilo says that if he succeeds in the Selection, he’ll change it to not be a single ruler.

They meet with Hewitt and Maron to plan the heist. Kabel lets them know that Simon, a lackluster guard, will be on guard in five days, so they can take advantage of that.

Once Maron leaves, Hewitt emphasizes that Maron cannot come or he will die.

In the morning, Artair decides to cast divination and talk to Shiaki.

Meanwhile, Kabel heads off to the chapel. Suddenly, he hears cracking, and Akashi shatters out of nowhere. Kabel goes deaf from Akashi’s power. Kabel then sees a Myrkul gem appear and grabs it. He’s teleported to Myrkul’s domain, and Myrkul hands him pages ripped from a book.

Shiaki is the god of souls, all souls who existed or will exist. He is a god of chaos and will attack or defend someone with all its might. Myrkul says that Kabel can get rid of Akashi by placing his idol at the Realm of the Ancients.

Myrkul hands Kabel a dark dagger. 2d6 necrotic damage. nat 20 is +4d6 and you go back to full health. On a nat 1, current health is halved. If the attack hits, you gain 1d4 of temp health. A miss clears temp health and take 1d4 damage. 2 attacks in one action.

Artair and Kabel head to the chapel so that Artair can choose his sigil. Kabel recognizes one of the people at Selection as the man from the theater, and he’s pointed out to be Thora. Thora messages Kabel as they leave and tells him that Utopia will never belong to anyone else but him.

They then head to the tailor and buy some cloaks. Artair purchases a cloak of displacement and Kabel purchases a cloak of protection.

Finally, they head to Warrior’s Cove to meet with Malik. Kabel has Artair regenerate Malik so that he can speak again, then Kabel and Malik battle. Kabel manages to pull ahead and deal the finishing blow using his new dagger from Myrkul, and he spares Malik’s life.

Malike later explains that Vidae wants Jo, Artair, and Kabel dead, but he’s not entirely sure why Artair and Kabel are such important targets.