20221127 - The Spelling Bee

Notes for the 2022-11-27 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: November 27, 2022
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After saying goodbye to Malik, Artair and Kabel head over to the farmer’s market to try to find Maron and examine his house to find any clues about his wife, Annie. They run into Rio, the young man who gave his life savings of 5 gold to send to Janice. Artair returns the box to him, and he gifts 10 bundles of herbs to Artair.

Artair asks him if he can point them to Maron’s house, and Rio points them in the right direction. They go in to talk to Maron, and Maron talks to them about Annie’s work. He shows them some of her designs, and Kabel realizes she was working on reviving dead crops.

Kabel convinces Maron to stay behind and not join the prison break. They talk to Maron about how to recognize Annie, and he says that she has a flower petal birthmark on her neck. He also says that his nickname is hunny bun, and hers is sweetie pie.

They then head over to the Jimmy Nollaf Inn. Kabel accidentally breaks a table trying to play FFF and tries to mend it. Two 16-year-old girls head over and ask Kabel to give them the KDA tickets. Kabel casts a delusion in one of the girl’s minds of one of the KDA members, but the girl doesn’t even recognize the member. They then divulge details about Kabel and Artair that they shouldn’t have known. Kabel tries to stonewall them, but Artair keeps entertaining them and promises that they’ll talk to them tomorrow.

Kabel then confronts Artair about what he’s doing with Akashi. As Kabel pushes Artair further and further, Akashi attacks them both with a psychic wave, attempting to erase their memories. Kabel evades the attack, but Artair loses the last hour of his memory.

Myrkul appears to Kabel in a dream and warns him that he should try actually killing people. When he wakes in the morning, the dark dagger has moved out of its place and is on top of Kabel.

When they head downstairs, the girls from the inn approach them again. Cornwallis escorts them out. Kabel and Artair follow them; Kabel reads their lips and sees that they have been hired by Thora. They decide that they should bother Maron to get to Kabel and Artair, so Kabel threatens them. They decide that they should just give up and tell Thora that they couldn’t do it.