20221129 - A Deadly Dagger

Notes for the 2022-11-29 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: November 29, 2022
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Cyrus teaches Kabel, Artair, and Galahad the spells that they requested. He then asks Kabel to give him the ring of free reaction and the orc stone so he can continue working on freeing Guyrus. He then teleports away. Galahad notices that Artair’s sigil is glowing.

Galahad mentions that he is Captain Riley’s son.

They head to the inn and spend some time playing around. Sarita shows up and lets Kabel know that Mina is here in the city. Then, Kabel receives a sending from Dimitri letting him know that he found Calvin, but Calvin said that Jo was in Utopia.

They head upstairs with Maron and Hewitt and invite Galahad to come with them. Kabel convinces Galahad to join them, and Galahad warns that they should attempt the jailbreak when Captain Riley is on guard since Simon is going to be replaced.

In the middle of the chat, they hear a knock on the door. Kabel uses Arcane Eye and sees a boy playing with a ball in the hallway.

Akashi wakes Artair in the middle of the night and tells him that they need to head to the chapel to stop Thora. The boy was not a regular boy.

Kabel wakes to find the dark dagger digging into his chest, and he’s incapacitated. Myrkul scolds him for not feeding the dagger, as the dagger digs deeper into his chest.

Artair enters the chapel with Akashi and sees the boy before the altar. The boy reveals himself to be Thora and says that he knows about their jailbreak plan. He demands Artair’s sigil in exchange for his silence. He casts Geas on Artair, but Artair refuses and takes damage. Thora just pries the sigil from his hand and walks out.

Jo busts down the door and revives Kabel just as he is about to die. Artair arrives shortly after. Jo says that she’s been keeping tabs on them, and wants to talk to Kabel about the letter he sent with Dmitri in the morning.

In the morning, Kabel and Jo hash it out a bit about the past, and Jo agrees to answer Kabel’s sendings in the future.

Artair casts Locate Object on his sigil and feels it downstairs. Thora is in the tavern making scene of gladhanding.