20221210 - KDA Concert

Notes for the 2022-12-10 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: December 10, 2022
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Kabel and Artair head to the concert area to find some KDA merchandise. They find some figurines that use Magic Mouth to play KDA songs when triggered.


  • Fire - 1 round of Heat Metal in a 10 ft radius.
  • Spinebreaker - +5 to all melee attack rolls for 1 minute. Can be used once for combat.
  • I Need You - enemies cannot move for 1 round.

They run into Osiris at the end of the concert, and he asks Artair about his sigil. Artair offers to trade the KDA experience to Osiris in exchange for his sigil. As soon as he grabs the sigil, it begins glowing. Artair asks that Osiris not tell Thora about it.

They head back to the inn to meet for the night, and Hewitt doesn’t arrive. Galahad finally arrives after a long time, and he lets the team know that Hewitt was picked up by the King’s Guard, but he doesn’t know why. He was able to snag some of Hewitt’s notes, though, that show a lot of the layout of the prison.

Kabel sends a sending to Azi letting him know that they’re going to head in tomorrow night. Azi says that they are going to begin torturing them soon, and that he’s on the lowest floor as far as he knows.

In the morning, they head down to eat breakfast. Mina sends a message letting them know that they made it out of the city safely. They then hear a commotion outside. An explosion happened at the KDA tour, killing the band and Osiris.

Thora makes an announcement in the plaza blaming the attack on Vidae trying to kill Jo by hiring Dynos and freeing him from prison. He urges the populace to move the vote to the following day, which they agree to do.

Kilo comes and asks Artair to uphold better values if he’s elected, and to not support the harsh, controlling rulings that Thora proposes. Kilo then lets Artair know that the ball he received from Thora is a sort of anti-magic field.