20221211 - Prison Break

Notes for the 2022-12-11 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: December 11, 2022
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Hewitt’s prison notes

There’s one clear entrance to the Criminal district, and that’s through a gate. the gate will be guarded on the night you guys are planning by capt riley there are jagged rocks surrounding the other entrances that have been enchanted - if they sense anything flying above it in a 500 ft, it will dart toward you and try to pin you down no teleportation spells will work (that include misty step and the like) the actual entrance to the prison is dictated by aligning 4 tiles on the ground correctly to fit the symbol of utopia it’s not clear exactly how those tiles are moved, but hewitt says there’s some mechanism that will allow for 4 interactions if it isnt aligned after 4 interactions it shoudl be reset so that’s floor 0, aka the outer area once you get inside, you will be warped into a central processing chamber there are going to be 4 guards in the center of the processing chamber ideally the 4 of us (galahad, hewitt, artair, kabel) could take out the guards and don their garb to change identities we’ll see a lot of unconscious prisoners as most will be knocked out while they’re processed it’s unlikely that marin’s wife will be on this floor however, there is a key thing - tehre is an alarm trigger on this floor somewhere the #1 priority is to ensure that the guards dont activate that trigger he’s not sure WHERE that trigger is though at the corners of the room are tubes that will warp prisoners and guards down to relevant sections of the 2nd floor 2nd floor is where the cells are however, he notes that only two of the corners lead to the cell hallways of the other two, one leads to the guard break room and the other leads to a confiscation and treasure room he mentions that the treasure room has an enchantment to ensure no one takes anything, but it might be beatable? he also notes there might be a fog that’s a bit concerning, it could affect your physical and mental state in the 2nd floor he hopes that marin’s wife is here and at this point hewitt’s notes become sparse kabel, it’s not like you’re not understanding the code, it’s literally just not much information to get to the 3rd floor, there is a warp zone that’s guarded by some sort of code but hewitt doesnt know what it is in his 3rd floor notes there is a pool of heaven and hell the heaven pool heals you while the hell pool torments you he says that to determine it takes a riddle and he wrote with some confidence that with the wits of the team, they could figure out the riddle but idk if that confidence is still there now that he’s gone it also just says: Floor 3: testing? and as far as floor 4 goes he has no information on how to even get to floor 4 😐 the only thing he has written is Floor 4: DANGER.

Galahad disguises himself into one of the guards on shift at the prison, and Artair wildshapes into a changeling, then also shifts into a guard. Kabel hops into the bag of holding, as the two party members walk up to Captain Riley and make him think they are just running late for work.

They walk past him and quickly solve the puzzle to open the door to the prison.

The team raises the guards’ suspicions, and are thrown into battle. They easily make short work of the guards and interrogate him, learning that he has no clue of the 3rd or 4th floors. He did see a guard talk to statues on the 2nd floor and disappear, though.

They head into the treasure room and find the Moyie sigil from Utopia. But when Galahad picks it up, they hear a voice warning them against stealing from the room, and the door disappears. After some investigating, Kabel sees another door that is invisible to the rest of the group. Galahad feels along the wall and finds a door knob, and a voice says that he can leave alone. He counters, asking what the room would accept in exchange for them all to leave. Each member leaves an item and a portal appears, leading them to the second floor.

Kabel: a Myrkul gem Artair: a Remoraz fang Galahad: his scimitar