20221218 - Prison Break II

Notes for the 2022-12-18 Dungeons and Dragons session of the Under-Wilds campaign.

Posted: December 18, 2022
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Kabel had studied psionics one last time right before the jail break and unlocked a deeper understanding. He learns to use the Mantle of Awe discipline. His Psi points are proficiency / 2 rounded up.

As they get to the second floor, they realize that Galahad has disappeared. They wander the halls and get lost by the shifting layout. Kabel is almost swallowed by a cell after being confused by the protective mist, so they head back to the guard’s break room they passed. They enter and find Simon, the friendly guard from when they entered Utopia.

Kabel convinces him that Captain Riley sent them in for a guided tour of the prison. They chat with Simon and get information about the mist, the prison, and how prisoners are handled. They talk to him about the KDA attack, and he shows them that Dynos is still in his cell. Unfortunately, it’s not actually Dynos, but his magical residue matches the record that Simon has. The scroll with Dynos’ record wasn’t written by Captain Riley. Kabel swipes Dynos’, Annie’s, Azi’s, and Hewitt’s scroll records, then they ask Simon to show them the statues.

There are three statues with knights in guard armor. Simon says they were supposed to be guard captains of years past. If you understand the way of the knights, you can see the path forward. Some of the statues are liars and some tell the truth.

Kabel asks the red statue which of the other two statues is guarding the true path. It points to the blue knight.

Simon asks the same to the green statue, and it points to the red statue.

Artair does the same to the blue, and it points to the green statue.

Kabel asks the red statue if the blue statue is hiding the true path and it says yes. It then says that green is not. It also says that it is not hiding the true path.

Simons does the same to green. It says blue is not, green is yes, and red yes.

This shows that green is a liar, and blue should be the true path.

Simon activates the statue by touching the hilt and saying “true path”. Kabel and Artair convince him to head downstairs with them.

As they head downstairs, they see a waterfall and two signs written in Primordial. The left sign says “Control” and the right sign says “EXP”.

Kabel walks through the waterfall first and loses all of his spell slots as he feels a wave of exhaustion wash over him. Artair suffers the same fate, and loses his wild shape as well.

A sign by the fountain indicates that it is a fountain of heaven or hell, and has a chance to inflict great power or great distress. Simon feels very powerful after walking through.

Kabel and Artair walk back through the fountain a couple of times and and finally feel a surge of power. They are then able to walk through the EXP path with Simon.

They find a lab and see a person doing experiments on people, turning them undead. Annie is in one of the tubes. The experimenter turns and asks who they are. He reveals that they arrested Annie to avoid her upsetting the balance.

Simon pulls his sword and threatens the man, but the man pulls out a scroll and tries to Power Word Kill Simon, but Kabel counterspells him. He says “this might be more interesting than I expected,” and claps his hands, shattering the tubes around them and freeing the test subjects.