Fungus February

An exploration of neat fungi through pixel art.

Posted: May 3, 2024
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Bolstered by the fun I had during SeptemBIT 2021 (yes, I know it’s been over 2 years), I decided to try my hand at some pixel art again. This time, though, inspired by T. Kingfisher’s What Moves the Dead and What Feasts at Night, I fell down a rabbit hole of interesting fungi. What a rabbit hole it was!

So while I debated on whether to upload these for Fungus February or Mushroom March, I realized I had missed Amanita April and was already standing on the front porch of Morel May. But I digress; please enjoy these pixel art fungi 🍄

Amanita muscaria

Known as fly amanita, this is the classic mushroom most widely recognized from Super Mario Bros.

A pixel art drawing of the red bodied, white dotted fly amanita fungus

Amanita caesarea

Caesar’s amanita, found primarily along Roman roads in Europe.

A pixel art drawing of a bright orange fungus

Geoglossum difforme

The earthtongue, so named because it literally looks like a black tongue sticking out of the ground.

A pixel art drawing of three black, tongue-shaped fungi sticking out of the ground

Mycena rosea

The rosy bonnet, a slightly bioluminescent fungus cap.

A pixel art drawing of a pair of two small, pink fungus caps

Mycena haematopus

The bleeding bonnet. This mushroom legitimately looks like it’s bleeding when you prick it. Quite offputting, but also pretty metal.

A pixel art drawing of a pair of two small, purple mushrooms dripping a dark red liquid

Craterellus cornucopioides

The horn of plenty, or black trumpet, is an edible fungus often found in North America.

A pixel art drawing of two small, conical shaped mushrooms

Sarcoscypha coccinea

The scarlet elf cup is very common in Russia, where it is added to food for its bright color.

A pixel art drawing of a bright pink and red fungus shaped like a small, open cup


All of these drawings were done in Pixel Studio on an Android device. Each was done on a 16x16 pixel canvas. I wasn’t too particular about the color pallet, but I did try to keep it to about 2-6 colors on each drawing.