Le Québécois

A parody of Green Eggs and Ham about the ever-interesting Canadian French dialect Québécois.

Posted: May 30, 2013
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The cover of this beautiful work of art, a parody of Green Eggs and Ham

I created this, dare I say, masterpiece as a final project during my French 101 course at Johns Hopkins University in 2013. Our assignment was to create a slideshow showing some of the vocabulary we had learned that semester. During the course of the year I had become fascinated with the Québécois French dialect. The idea struck me as I was walking home from class, and I pulled two all-nighters (and neglected some other classwork) to work some amateur photoshop magic and write this parody of Green Eggs and Ham.

What I learned

When you’re a first year French student, there are a lot more tenses and conjugations than you’d expect. I read and learned a lot about Québécois culture, stumbled into some catchy Canadian music, and seriously wrinkled my grey matter fitting together all the rhymes.