Photo restoration using Lama-cleaner

Lama cleaner, an open-source project, allows for quick erasure of blemishes and objects in photos, making it great to use for photograph restoration.

Posted: May 4, 2023
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I’ve just heard about this open-source tool called Lama-cleaner. Based on inpainting and Stable diffusion, one of the main tools used in AI image generation, this tool lets you easily erase blemishes and objects from old photos.

I’ve manually attempted to erase these cracks and tears before, but it was long and hard work without satisfactory results. However, Lama-cleaner lets you simply draw over the detail, and it removes it after only a few seconds.

Take a look at my first two attempts:

This photo had a bend and tear across the middle, along with some stains on the edges. Photo with tear before restoration Cleaned photo

This photo had actually lifted, separated from the backing, and cracked across the entire image. Photo with cracks before restoration Cleaned photo