The Seamstress

Meet the Seamstress, a card from the Tarnish deck, a Tarot-like deck I'm creating for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Posted: May 1, 2023
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A tarot card depicting a girl behind a sewing machine with an ocean in the background

A card from the Tarnish deck, a Tarot-like deck of cards for a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m working on.


You turn the card over and see The Seamstress. Suddenly, your vision goes black and you awake in an old, wooden room filled to the brim with fabrics, buttons, quilts, and all manner of threads and needles. The Seamstress is leaning over a large tapestry, pulling a thread tight. She looks up and smiles when she sees you and beckons you over, motioning for you to look at her work. The images on the tapestry shift and move as you look at them. A large, grey whale surfaces and sprays red water. Waves ripple out and become musical notes and smoke that swirl above a large bonfire as hooded figures dance in circles. As you peer deeply into the tapestry, the Seamstress suddenly reaches out and shoves her hand into your chest. You feel a sharp pinch as she withdraws her hand, pulling out a heartstring. “With your help, I’ll finally finish this story”. She dangles the thread above the tapestry and dips it in, and the fabric greedily absorbs it. The images begin to swirl before you, when suddenly the tapestry leaps off the table and wraps itself around you, smothering you into blackness. You suddenly awake standing back where you were as you drew the card, and not a second has passed. The card crumbles to ash in your hand.


You suddenly know with a surety that you will die in 7 days. It is as unavoidable as the rising and setting of the sun itself, and you know without a doubt that your death is a surety. However, you feel some sort of deep connection to the tapestry, to this island, and to this world. You will gain a level each day until you die.